With this being the first post of the new year, I will give you the requisite Happy New Year!, even if it is eleven days in.  Last Thursday and Friday we recieved our biggest snow event of the season.  On Thursday we recievced about 5", then Thursday night and Friday morning added another 4".  We have lots of snow on the course.  Some have been out to take advantage of the snow with cross country skiing on the trail and sledding on the driving range.  Feel free to come out and enjoy it!

We are continuing with our inside work.  Course supplies are still being refurbished for the coming year, and Greg has begun the process of shapening our reels (I will have an upcoming post about this).  A thorough clubhouse cleaning is underway while it is closed as well. 

The club history research has been fun and fruitful.  We are now in the process of organizing the information and creating a booklet that contains a summary of the information we have found.  Be sure to check under NCC Club History at the right for updates.
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