As expected, we do have a frost delay on the first day the greens are in play.  We will keep the proshop informed with updates.
The greens will be open for play tomorrow, Saturday, March 30th, after any possible frost delay.  The course will still be in its winter condition.  The bunkers will not be raked and will not have rakes in them.  Also, no course accessories will be on the course, no halfway house and no carts will be available.  With the forecasted temperatures, it still looks like it will be a few weeks before we will be able to do any maintenance on a regular schedule.

It seems like a long time coming, but on average, we are right on track.  Here is a chart of the opening dates since 1989 (2007 is not included due to the renovation project).  There is certainly no pattern or trend, but the average opening date is March 26th.

It is still amazing to look back and see the contrast to last year.  This picture is from March 29th last year.  All the grass was green and blooms were on the trees.

See you on the greens Saturday!
It may feel like the winter is dragging on, but this spring is much more normal than last year.  We continue to watch the weather patterns closely and monitor the course for its progress, but we are not getting any closer to opening the course.  It is always interesting looking back at pictures from the previous year.  This picture was taken today.

This picture was taken on March 20th last year.  At this point we had mowed the greens, tees and fairways multiple times.  We were in the middle of an unprecedented 9 straight days of 80 degree weather.

The sleet and freezing rain coming down now is still good for the precipitation, but the freezing temperatures are delaying any progress that can be made towards opening the course.

These two pictures do a good job illustrating the contrast from last year to this year.  This pictures was taken on March 14th last year.  The soil had thawed, dried and grass was growing very well by that time last year with these soil temperatures.

Compare that with this picture taken today.  The surface of the ground is still frozen.  I was able to find an old aeration hole to insert the thermometer.

Once the soil thaws, we will wait for any excess moisture to dry which will allow traffic on the surface without creating ruts.  After that we will need a few days to get the greens prepped for play after there long winter nap.  We do not have a projected opening date set for anything yet.  We will keep you updated with any changes as they occur.  We are ready for the winter to be over!
We always get the "What do you do in the winter time" question.  Here is your answer, move golf carts to the Ballroom.

Obviously, this is not all we do, but was one project for today.  If you are wondering why we are putting golf carts in the Ballroom, come to Casino Night tomorrow night to find out!
It took a while, but winter has finally come.  The biggest snow of the season has come and gone and left plenty of opportunities to enjoy the snow.  Sledding, snowshoeing, and cross country skiing will be wonderful this week.

Another chance for an early golf season seems to have been blanketed by the snow.  A stark contrast from last season.  A year ago today was almost 70 degrees!  Those warm temperatures continued through March including the unprecedented 8 straight days of 80 degrees that started March 14th.  This return of more normal seasonal weather has allowed us time for one more project in the clubhouse.

This last project involves modifying the cabinet in the Member's Grill to accomodate a larger television in the future.  This series of cabinets was installed several years ago and has been modified as television technology has changed.  This project is just the next progression, for the next television.

We cut our the upper cabinets and will refinish the wall, hide the cable, and put a top on the lower cabinets.  Some additional sanding and staining will have it finished.
One major piece of the maintenance puzzle was put in place this week for the upcoming season.  Our new Assistant Superintendent started this week.  Matt McDonald is his name and he comes to us after 4 four years at Midlothian Country Club, and 5 years at Green Oaks Country Club in Pennsylvania.  Matt  is a native of Pittsburgh and holds a Bachelor's Degree from Penn State's Turf program.  We will have a picture up soon to allow you to put a face with the name.  We are excited to have Matt with us this season and are looking forward to beginning work on the course.
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