Last week we began working on an ice rink for the remainder of the winter.  It is nearing completion, and we hope it will be ready sometime this week.  With the weather forecast, plan on coming out for some cross country skiing, sledding and hopefully ice skating.

The ice rink is kit that can be order for any size you want.  We looked at several areas around the clubhouse to build the rink and decided we would use the concrete pad.  We wanted a place that would be convenient to sledding and the clubhouse.  For construction of the rink, we also needed a flat area and access to water.  The rink comes with sideboards that can be pieced together to the size you need.

Once the side boards are in place, a liner is put in the bottom to hold the water.  Once the liner is in place you simply start filling it to the necessary depth to skate on.

We now have the water in the rink but has not frozen through yet.  Once the ice is frozen through we will finish securing the liner around the sideboards and put a finish coat on the ice.  Then it will be ready for skating.  With the cold temperatures this week the rink should be ready soon.  Check back for an official opening.
On January 14th, 1921 five founding members officially requested the incorporation of Naperville Country Club.  On January 21, 1921 the request was granted and Naperville Country Club was created.  Those five members were Charles L Schwartz; Herbert J. Matter, Sr.; James L. Nichols, Jr.; Ezra E. Miller; and Henry E. Rennels.
Over the past week we have been working at replacing the ceiling tiles in the Grill on the Green room as well as the Member's Grill.  This project involved removing the old tiles, then painting the track and installing the new tiles.

Most of the work was spent trimming the new pieces to fit around the edges, lights, speakers, and sprinklers.

Both rooms have been completed and Shorty and Nick are working their way through the rooms doing the final cleaning.

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