There has been no weather this winter that has caused any harm to the course, and up to this point, the course is in good shape.  However, the wild weather swings over the past week and coming days will expose the course to its highest potential for damage this winter season.  This picture was taken on the 25th when we had single digit temperatures (up from negative temperatures on 22nd).  This past weekend it started raining on Sunday and we are nearing 2 inches of rain since then.

Even more unusual than 2 inches of rain in January was record high temperatures in the 60s yesterday.  This has left the course very wet with some standing water and the ponds are overflowing in the usual areas.  Temperatures in the teens are forecasted for tonight and negative temperatures for Thursday night.  If we see negative temperatures on Thursday night, that will make a 125 degree round trip in 10 days with 2 inches of rain in the middle.  Very unusual and leaves the potential for problems.

This picture shows overflow from the pond on 17 to the 16th fairway.  This water, and other areas that are saturated, is what we would like to have more opportunity to drain before temperatures dip below freezing today.  Potential damage from this scenario is freeze damage which was addressed in the post: Winter On The Course: Freeze Injury.  Please check the linked post, it goes into more detail about freeze injury.
The only areas on the greens and tees that had standing water was the valley on 12 green, which was no surprise.  This morning we did remove a strip of sod from the green to better drain the extra standing water before it began to freeze.  We laid the sod to the side and will return it to the green later.

This picture shows the removed strip and the water removed from the surface.

These weather patterns have many courses scrambling to remove any water they can.  We have done what we can, now we will have to wait and to see what may come of it.
Now that we are almost through January, it is time to get the blog going for the year.  Most of the activity taking place now has been in the clubhouse.  Several small projects have been taking place and they will be wrapping up very soon.  New ceiling tile was installed in the hallways near the locker rooms and in the ladies locker room.  Our staff did this work again this year.  Over the past 3 winters, Mario, Emilio and Torres have replaced all the ceiling tile in the clubhouse.

The fireplace needed some attention after a few bricks fell out of place on the back side.  New brick has been installed and the fireplace is back together.

The pro shop has a new look for the coming year. New paint has been put on the walls.

After the ceiling tiles were completed new carpet was installed in the hallways near the locker rooms and in the Member's Grill.
New carpet and new paint is happening now in the business offices.  Until that is finished, those managers have been forced to pass the time at the main bar.

No on-course projects have been planned for this winter.  The course is making it through winter with no problems to this point.  This pictures show our biggest snow of the season from last night.  I recorded this snow as our first snow cover because the snow on 12/28 did not cover all areas.  I can already tell this batch of snow is beginning to melt and does not look like it will last long.  Another unusual winter.

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