The first changes to the course since the renovation are underway.  The "winter" weather has been fantastic and it has allowed us to make great progress.  The four new bunkers have taken shape and drainage and finish work is the next step.  We will continue to work on these as the weather allows, which appears to be a few more days.

Hole 11

The bunker on hole 11 was the first one shaped.  As the bunkers we dug on holes 10 and 11, the soil was moved to hole 2 to create the mound needed for the new bunker there.

Hole 10

The two new bunkers on the right side of hole 10 will provide a dramatic new look.  Soil removed from these bunkers was also moved to the new mounding on hole 2.

Hole 2

The new bunker on hole 2 will be on the right side of the approach.  The mounding from the bunker that is currently there was extended to create the mounding for the new bunker.

The rough work has been completed.  The next step is cutting the edges and installing drainage.  This will be accomplished as the weather allows through the winters.  We have been fortunate to accomplish this much work in December and will take advantage of any additional weather we receive.
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