The major changes to the entrance drive landscape are underway.  The first step is to remove the existing plant material, then regrading and prep for the new plant material.  The trees have been removed and the stumps will be soon to follow.

It is a drastic change having the old trees removed.  The Clubhouse is now visible from Chicago Ave.  New trees will be planted along each side of the drive.  The new trees will show a bright bloom in the spring and fantastic color in the fall.  The new trees will provide a great look all season long.  The details of the new landscape with provide a great look day or night as well, as light will highlight each tree on both sides of the drive.

This initial change is very dramatic and shocking at first sight.  This is part of the process to a new beautiful first impression for all members and guests.

We will keep you updated at each step of the process.
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