12 Fairway Drainage

After the wet spring we had, several drainage projects were put into the plans for this fall.  The first project completed was the smallest.  This project is on the left side of 12 fairway.

Drainage was completed here before when a catch basin was installed to collect water from the rough before it made it to the fairway.  After big rains we notice that water from the fairway would run toward the catch basin of the edge of the fairway then turn back to towards the middle of the fairway and run another 40 yards to a drain in the fairway.  All we needed to do to collect that water was lower the grade at the edge of the fairway to get the water to run into the rough to the basin, and prevent it from moving back into the fairway.

The project involved stripping away the sod and digging out some of the grade and rolling the sod back out.

The sod rolled back into place.
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