Golf Channel: The Golf Fix - Ball Marks

Even with the greens closed for the winter season, this topic is relevant year-round.  I think this will become a monthly post on the blog through the season.  Ball mark repair is a regular topic during Green Committee discussions, not just here at Naperville, but all clubs.  It only takes a few seconds to repair your ball mark on a green, and that few seconds will leave a better playing surface as well as a better looking surface.  The topic of discussion for us most often revolves around how the surface looks.  Repairing a ball mark is not just about creating a level surface, but also covering the mark.  This video from The Golf Channel videos "The Golf Fix" does an excellent job of demonstrating how to fix a ball mark properly.  This method leaves a flat surface and also leaves the smallest possible brown spot.

This is one small effort that will go a long way to making a better playing surface on the greens through the season.  This small effort is not being done for the green department either.  It is the responsibility of the golfer to leave the course in as good of shape as they found it for the golfers that play after them.
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