New Cart Path on 9

One of our capital projects we will have completed before next season is a new cart path on hole 9.  We were able to get a good start this fall before the ground froze.  The soil has been excavated and we were hoping to get a gravel base down, but winter decided to stick around.  We will pick up with the gravel base when the ground thaws in the spring.

The cart path is being installed to relieve the concentrated traffic pattern that occurs in the center of the fairway around the bunkers.  This traffic pattern compacts the soil and tears the the leaf blades causing a significant amount of stress to the grass plant.  The rope that was across the fairway the entire season this year helped to sustain better turf quality.  However, to fix the problem completely, a cart path with a curb from tee to green will be the best fix.  Hole 9 will now be entirely cart path only.

The cart path will tie-in with the existing cart path near the tee and run up the left side of the hole.  It will connect with the existing cart path near the green.  Another path from 9 tee across to 13 tee will be added as well for maintenance traffic.  This will remove maintenance traffic from 8, 12 and 4 fairway as we make trips to the dump located adjacent to hole 4.

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