Seeing Green!

I said we would be back to seeing grass at the end of the week.  Well, we made it!

Monday, 3/9

Friday, 3/13

Most of the snow left on the course resides in the valleys and will likely realize its inevitable melt this weekend.  The course is beginning to dry from the abundance of moisture left from the snow.  There is still a frost layer on the soil, but it is shrinking daily as well.  The amount of ice on the pond is a good gauge for the frost in the soil.  When the ice on the pond is gone, the frost in the soil will not be far behind.

The grass on the course looks good to start the season.  The spots in the bottom picture are snow mold symptoms.  There are several areas, in the rough only, that display these symptoms.  They are cosmetic symptoms that the grass will grow out of when the weather allows for growth.

Our plan is to start cleaning the course on Monday.  This is the first step in getting the course ready for golf again.  We do not have a date for opening greens yet.  The course still have some snow, and a frost layer in the greens.  Then it will need a few days to dry, and we will need a few more to get the greens ready.  We will have all the updates here, on ForeTees and on Twitter.  It won't be much longer!

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