Ice Rink Progress

The ice rink has been assembled, filled, and is beginning to freeze for the year.  We can not speculate yet on when the rink will be ready for use.  We just have to play the waiting game at this point.

Our trials and tribulations of our first at-bat with the ice rink last year were well documented.

Ice Rink Is Nearing Completion

Ice Rink Problems

We were much farther through winter before we decided to put one in.  Though it was constructed properly, our timing could have been better.  A few days after it was constructed the blizzard came through, and the weight of the snow on the partially frozen ice forced water up from underneath creating a slushy mixture which them froze.  We were unable to get the surface smooth again.

This year the ice is much farther along that is ever was last year.  We still have pockets in the ice that are not frozen and will need more time for the surface to freeze solid.  We will then work at putting a smooth coat on the surface to make it ready for skating.  Keep checking back for more updates.
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