Greens Are Closed For The Season

This past weekend was the last weekend for the greens this season.  We put the temporary cups in play today, and ask that you avoid traffic on the greens until the spring.  During the cold weather, we do not want to subject the turf to any stress that it will not be able to recover from while dormant.  Also, traffic on frozen or partially frozen greens can cause significant tissue and/or root damage.

Here is a link to a good article from the USGA Green Section about traffic on frost or frozen ground: Playing Par With Jack Frost

We are also applying a layer of topdressing to the closed greens today.  This topdressing will be slightly heavier that the regular topdressing we apply through the golfing season.  The purpose of this topdressing is to act as a blanket for the greens through the winter.  The sand will provide a layer of protection from the wind when the greens are not covered with snow.
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