Some Snow, Ice Rink Update and Clubhouse Projects

The crew spent this morning cleaning the parking lots and sidewalks of the biggest snow of the season.  We received about 5-6".  There was wind with the storm that created some deeper drifts.  This storm also brought with it the coldest temperatures of the season, with near 0 degree F expected for tonight.

The ice rink will not be ready again this weekend.  It is still not frozen through. Once it is frozen through, we will need a day to groom the ice smooth to be ready to skate on.  The freeze and thaw and snow, has created a bumpy surface.  We are not able to walk across the ice yet.  Rain and mid 40s is forecasted for Monday, which could delay us more.

The ceilings in the hallway and fireplace room have been completed.  You can watch two short videos of the work on those ceilings on YouTube:

Removing fireplace room ceiling

Replacing fireplace room ceiling

The ceiling in the Pump room is in the process of being torn out.

New drywall will be put up and painted in place of the old tile ceiling.

Watch for updates next week on the ceiling in the Pump room.  New heating units will be installed on the roof next week also.  The units will be disconnected on Monday.  A crane will be here Tuesday to remove the old ones from the roof and put the new ones on.

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