New Ceilings Going Up In The Clubhouse

The new ceiling tiles are being put in place in the fireplace room and the hallway.  The cutouts for the lights were made first so we would be able to get lights back on in the room, then the full tiles were put in place.  The pieces that need to be trimmed will be done this week.

A few other projects are being done while the ceiling tiles were down.  The track the ceiling tile sits in was painted, and a few lights were moved around.  Also, some changes are being made to the music system, which won't be noticeable, but should make it easier to use.  We hope to be done with this as soon as possible.  A contractor will be in to renovate the ceiling in the Pump room, then new carpets will be put down in the fireplace room, Grill on the Green, and hallways.
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