Winter Equipment Repairs

The other big project for the winter months involves maintenance on the equipment.  With the equipment not being used on a daily basis, it gives our mechanic, Greg, time to perform a more thorough inspection of all the moving parts.  Greg also spends time sharpening all of the cutting units on all equipment.  Our equipment fleet is new within the last 4 years, so much of the maintenance is still preventative.

Having equipment that is sharp for cutting the grass is very important for maintaining the highest quality turf.  Through the winter Greg spends most of his time in our grinding room making sure all of the cutting units are ready to go for the spring.  This picture shows one of our two grinders used for sharpening reels.  At this point in the winter, all of the green, tee and fairway mowers have been sharpened and are ready to go for the spring.
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