Clubhouse Projects Finished

With the clubhouse being closed in January, we take that time to complete a thorough cleaning and any projects that need to be done.  This year was particularly busy in January.  Several projects were completed on schedule and the clubhouse is now ready for regular member service.  Come out this weekend for Dining on Friday and Saturday night, brunch Sunday, or the Super Bowl Party Sunday night and see the completed projects.

New carpet was installed in the front hallway, the Grill on the Green, and by the fireplace.  10 of the 12 HVAC units on the roof were replaced.  The ceiling in the Pump Room was replaced.  The ceilings by the fireplace and in the front hallway were replaced.  And, the hardwood floor by the door into Club 21 was replaced.

Here is a list of posts that highlight the projects in progress:

Ceilings In The Clubhouse

New Ceiling Going Up In The Clubhouse

Lots Happening At The Clubhouse

And some videos were made of the work also:

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