Practice Tee Divot Patterns

This is not how divots should be taken.
"This should be required viewing for all members."  That is the comment that was left on this post "Practice Tee and Divot Patterns"  Our efforts to change the divot patterns on the practice tee this year have thus far been futile.  The scattered divot pattern still prevails, and the the resulting wear.  Something as simple as changing how a golfer takes divots on the practice tee will save wear.  We addressed this in a few posts earlier this year, and one last year.  Rather than retype all of the content, I will provide links to posts that have already been made:

Practice Tee and Divot Patterns

Practice Like a Pro

A new article from the USGA: Practice Like a Pro: Two simple adjustments to the way you practice will result in less wear and faster recovery of range tees.
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