Aeration: It's That Time of Year Again

We have started through the course with our fall aeration, and plan to continue until the ground freezes.  We have taken the opportunity with the cooler than normal temperatures to begin aeration earlier.  We are over halfway through the fairways with a solid time, and we have been through some areas in the rough twice.  Here is an overview of the aeration schedule for this fall.

Greens:  Only the collars and the outside edge of the green will be done on September 4th.  The full greens aeration will take place on October 8th.

Tees:  Tees will be done gradually throughout the fall.  We have already started the practice tees, and will begin the tees on the course shortly.

Fairways:  We will taking the same approach with the fairways as we are with the tees.  We will continue to work on them as time, golf and weather allow.

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