Cicada Killer Wasp On The Putting Green

A cicada killer wasp is causing us some headaches on the putting green.  Several days over the past two weeks one of the cups has been full of sand in the morning from the wasp burrowing a tunnel in the green.  This picture shows the hole into the tunnel and the very top of the edge of the cup.  The rest of the hole is full of the sand removed from the tunnel.

The "Cicada Killer Wasps" post from 2010 has been the most popular post since the blog was started.  Check that post for the specifics on the cicada killer wasp.  The wasp burrows the tunnel to bury a cicada that it has paralyzed with it's sting.  The cicada will be the food source of the newly born wasps.

When the cup in the top picture was pulled out, a cicada came out with it.  The tunnel is clearly visible just below the turf surface in the side of the hole.

We were able to get video of the cicada killer with a paralyzed cicada.

Here is another video.  This one is from 2010 and shows the wasp burrowing.

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