New Sod Is Down

The strain of a hot dry summer proved to be more than some areas could withstand.  We sodded spots of a few bunkers, and resodded all of the green side bunker on 5, and the pond bank on 14.  The two predominating characteristics of these areas are south facing slopes, or a large amount of sand is hit onto the bunker face.  In some cases both contributed to the decline of condition.

Please respect the ropes in these areas until the sod has a chance to attach roots.

South facing slopes were particularly hard hit by the continuous sunshine and heat this summer.  The pond bank at 14 green was resodded because of that.

This picture shows how much sand is thrown on to the bunker face from shots hit out of the sand.  If you have walked across a beach on a hot sunny day, you know how hot the sand can get.  The same thing happens to the sand on the bunker face.  When the sand heats up, it kills the grass that is around it.

We plan to do more sod projects as the fall progresses.  The areas we will concentrate on later are the tees.  Many of the tees have bentgrass creeping into the rough around the tee box.  We will cut that bentgrass out and resod with bluegrass.
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