More On The Driving Range Tee

The driving range tee and its divots continues to be a major topic of conversation.  The club enjoys one of the finest practice facilities around, and it shows - it gets used a lot!  Rarely is there a time during the day when there is not at least one person on the practice tee warming up or working on their game.  This leads to lots of divots.  We are continuing to try to spread the word about divot patterns that will disrupt a smaller area (Practice Tee Divot Patterns) and allow the divots to heal faster.

Here are a set of pictures taken recently of the practice tee the morning after a day of regular play.  It shows how much the tee gets used.

Divots taken in this pattern (above and below) will take much longer to heal than divots taken in the preferred pattern of a line.

The practice areas get used very frequently.  The more use they receive, the longer it will take for the surface to return to normal.  By disrupting less area with a divot pattern in a line, it will take less time for the tee to return to normal.
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