One More Winter Project

It took a while, but winter has finally come.  The biggest snow of the season has come and gone and left plenty of opportunities to enjoy the snow.  Sledding, snowshoeing, and cross country skiing will be wonderful this week.

Another chance for an early golf season seems to have been blanketed by the snow.  A stark contrast from last season.  A year ago today was almost 70 degrees!  Those warm temperatures continued through March including the unprecedented 8 straight days of 80 degrees that started March 14th.  This return of more normal seasonal weather has allowed us time for one more project in the clubhouse.

This last project involves modifying the cabinet in the Member's Grill to accomodate a larger television in the future.  This series of cabinets was installed several years ago and has been modified as television technology has changed.  This project is just the next progression, for the next television.

We cut our the upper cabinets and will refinish the wall, hide the cable, and put a top on the lower cabinets.  Some additional sanding and staining will have it finished.
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