Greens Open-Saturday, March 30th

The greens will be open for play tomorrow, Saturday, March 30th, after any possible frost delay.  The course will still be in its winter condition.  The bunkers will not be raked and will not have rakes in them.  Also, no course accessories will be on the course, no halfway house and no carts will be available.  With the forecasted temperatures, it still looks like it will be a few weeks before we will be able to do any maintenance on a regular schedule.

It seems like a long time coming, but on average, we are right on track.  Here is a chart of the opening dates since 1989 (2007 is not included due to the renovation project).  There is certainly no pattern or trend, but the average opening date is March 26th.

It is still amazing to look back and see the contrast to last year.  This picture is from March 29th last year.  All the grass was green and blooms were on the trees.

See you on the greens Saturday!
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