40 Years and Counting.

June 30, 1973 was just another day for the members and their guests at Naperville Country Club.  Nothing significant enough happened that would have caused a person to remember an event they may have witnessed on the course.  If you were on the course that day, you may have seen an 18 year-old on his first day of work at the club staining the old wooden bridge that once existed over the waterway in front of 2 tee.  On June 29, 2013 you would have found that same man in the maintenance facility checking the cut on the greens mowers.  For 40 years Greg Morar has been the club’s mechanic, fabricator, handyman and any other person the club has asked him to be. 

After only 3 weeks of work on the grounds staff, the superintendent learned that Greg had worked in a lawnmower repair shop and had him fixing equipment in short order.  Greg has assumed that role since then, as well as short periods as the assistant superintendent and interim superintendent along the way.  Greg has seen this club through lots of changes.  It is always enjoyable to listen to him reminisce on his time working here.  Whether it is something he has seen at night while changing the old quick-coupler irrigation system, or rants he has witnessed from members unsatisfied with their golf game that day, it will surely bring a laugh.

Greg prefers to do his job unrecognized in the confines of the maintenance facility.  But his importance to the green department will not go unrecognized.  Nearly everything we need to accomplish our tasks on a daily basis requires a piece of equipment-a piece of equipment that Greg has checked, set and given the OK to use; or a specific tool-a specific tool that Greg has fabricated or modified for our use.  Nothing on the course gets done without Greg preparing something that is involved in completing the task.

You likely will not see Greg on the course too often, but if you do, be sure to thank him for his 40 years of dedicated service to Naperville Country Club.
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