Special Weather Statement

The weather forecasters have their special weather statements out for the week, so it is time to have ours.  The most difficult stretch of weather so far this year is upon us, and we are doing what we can to keep the grass as healthy as possible.  During these weather stretches, if you feel uncomfortable in the hot and humid weather, the grass feels the same way.  We try to keep the grass as healthy as possible to make it through this type of weather.  So far so good, but 2 more days is a long time in this heat.

Working to manage moisture in this type of heat is critical to turf health.  I have heard some comments after we had 0.30 inch of rain Monday like "I bet this really helped the course."  Actually, any excess rain during hot stretch is very detrimental to our efforts to keep a healthy playing surface.  The first picture shows a few patches of disease, this particular one arrises during hot and wet periods.  The picture on the left shows our efforts to remove moisture by dragging dew in the mornings.

The playing surfaces are healthy and in good condition which is our number 1 effort for getting through these type of stretches.  If you see some things different on the course this week, it may only be temporary while we work through the heat.
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