Turf Scouting Report, September 6th

Finish strong' may be the quote of the moment. Many of you have had a great summer and really gotten through unscathed or relatively compared to the last three years. Golf may have declined a little after the holiday and you are either in the middle of aeration or getting close to it. I think however it is time to consider that finishing strong and making sure that none of the aggressive dollar spot that can pit quickly here in the fall in Chicago takes hold. Along similar lines ensuring that you have all materials for snow mold protection in the barn or at least plans to put them there may be also a good idea - summer has been too nice so winter might have the returning bite!

In saying that, the turn towards fall and cooler temperatures will have many of you exhaling and looking forward to other activities such as education seminars, networking events and getting the work week to somewhere under 60 hours! It is also a time of year to look back on how you went through the year and what adjustments you think you will need to make note of going into next year. Drainage maybe one area that many people will look at while irrigation systems may be another!

Click here to view the September 6, 2013 Scouting Report

As always if you have a question or query please do not hesitate to ask and you can call or email.

Ed Nangle PhD
Director of Turfgrass Programs
Chicago District Golf Association
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