Greens Aeration Update

The greens have recovered from the scheduled aeration that took place last Tuesday.  8 days after aeration they are back to putting well.  We did not push them back to normal due to the forecasted heat.  The putting green has not been as rapid in its recovery.  The heat and traffic that the putting green has been subject to has delayed its recovery.  When the weather accommodates it, we will be able to fertilize the green and it will recovery shortly.

You will also see some white dots around the edge of the green.  This is the last part of the aeration process.  We will leave the outside pass on the greens for a few days, then use the dots to keep the collar a consistent width on all the greens.  The grass will grow out of the dot in a few days as well.  Refer to this post (Soils and Water: Greens) to review the benefits of aeration.  8 days to recover during high heat is a small cost to the benefits of this practice.
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