Fairway Aeration Underway

We began our fairway aeration process on Monday.  Two fairways were completed Monday and we are attempting 2 more fairways today.  This is a process that will span the period of a few weeks.  We will be completing this practice around golf and weather, so players should expect to see us as they play.

There are several parts of this process which will result in the work lasting a few weeks.  We are topdressing the fairways heavy with sand.  We are then using one aerator with a solid tine to create a large deep hole then following that with another aerator that is pulling a small core.  We then drag all of that together and clean up whatever is left.

This will cause a large amount of disruption to the playing surface and a period of time will be needed for the fairways to heal.  With the frosts that are now predicted, healing time will be delayed due to the slower growth of the grass.
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