Pond Dredging

The small pond in front of the tee boxes on 11 will receive a dredging this week. It has completely filled with silt and muck, and is ready to be cleaned out.  This will be the first time this pond has received this procedure.

This pond is a silt trap and is doing what it was designed to do.  When a drainage line from the adjacent sub-division runs into this pond, the speed of the water slows down and allows the silt and dirt in the water to settle out before it moves through another pipe into the pond on 17.  This pond is designed to clean the water before moving into the 17th pond.  After years and years of the silt accumulating, it is time for the pond to be restored to its initial specifications.  This pond was constructed to a 6 foot depth.  As you can see from the pictures, the water depth is only a few inches.

We will be using a procedure that is less invasive.  A pump will be used to pump out the silt and muck into a large bag where it will drain for a few months.  Once the moisture has drained from the silt, it will be pushed into a mound and planted over.  The silt will be pumped from this pond into a bag located in the grassy area off the right side of the 10th hole.  You will be able to see the process, but it should not be disruptive to play.
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