Fountain Finally Flowing!

You can now enjoy the fountain again as you make your way around the course.  The repairs were made to the fountain over the winter, and we got it back into the pond and running today.

Here is a picture of the fountain ready to be take back out to the pond.  It is inverted from this position when it is in the pond.  The silver casing on the top is a water proof case which houses the motor.  The motor spins a prop that pushes water through the white pipe and out the top.  The black plastic disc is a floatation devise for the motor.

The problems occurred with the waterproof casing.  The seal on the casing failed and allowed water into the electric motor, resulting in a short circuit that would trip the breaker.  The repair consisted of a new casing and seal, as well as an upgraded splice for the electrical connections.

Returning the fountain to the pond does not require much effort.  The fountain is tied to a stake on opposite sides of the pond.  One stake is by the electrical box for the fountain, the other is near the bridge.

Here, Joel and Ramon are setting the cable onto the stake under the water.  Without these cable properly connected, the fountain would spin around the pond.

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  1. Greetings,
    What horsepower is this feature? I am very interested in researching this for our private lake.