Some Aftermath From The Rain

I had intensions to post this earlier but am just now getting around to it.  After the storms passed early in the week, the course was lucky to remain in great shape, but some evidence of the storm lingered through the week.  Here are a few problems we dealt with through the week.

This picture shows what behind 14 green looked liked around 11am on Wednesday, after the rains in the morning.  We suspected the water should have been receding quicker than what it was.  The next morning, after all of the water was off the course, and we were able to check drains, we found a problem in this area.

We found this drain, which is behind 14 green, to be completely clogged with with plants that had been washed out of the ponds and the adjacent ESA areas.  This drain is connected to the main drain pipe that runs through the property.  There was no other problem with the drain, it was just necessary to remove the debris that had collected.  Once that was done, we could see the water moving through the drain again.

This tree off the right side of 5 tees was the only trees or branches that fell.

We did receive some other tree damage.  This damage was from a lightning strike to a tree on the left side of 2 fairway.  This tree is not in great shape and the lightning strike is just one more ailment for this tree to deal with.
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