Reseeding the Fairway Nursery

Today we prepared and reseeded the nursery for out fairway turf.  In late fall, a little over half of the nursery was removed to sod areas on the course.  Some of those areas included the herbicide damage on 2 approach, and several areas in the driving range fairway.

The area was stripped of any remaining sod pieces earlier in the week, then today we began tilling up the area and removing any rocks that came to the surface.

After the area was prepared, we seeded and fertilized the area, then covered with a blanket.  The blanket is in place to keep moisture on the surface for a longer period of time to aid in seed germination, and seedling growth.  After a good stand of grass is growing the cover will be removed.

It was seeded in anticipation of some forecasted help from the weather report this coming weekend.  As usual, we will keep you posted on the progress of the seed.
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