Turf Scouting Report, October 1st

Oct. 1, 2010 Scouting Report
Oct. 1, 2010 Scouting Report - September Inspired: 2010 Review, Dry conditions, Rough rougher than usual, Rust peaks, Dollar spot peaks, Tim's Urediniospores, and Nick says Draw! 

Chicago/Northern Illinois Update: Derek Settle - 
I am constantly reminded of the dedication that ties us together in a business that relies entirely on the great outdoors. You see, during the "growing season" a day is never just eight hours long. In golf, we have good seasons and then those pesky not-so-good seasons (2010 here). After a difficult growing season we often reflect. As I do, my 2010 golf season was inspirational? The memories of carrying a heavy-laden backpack with textbooks during one's college education (well-used during a difficult year) - that inspires me. The internship that gave us a perspective we otherwise could not know - that inspires me. The continuing education necessary to stay up-to-date with newer products and scientific research (venues like an outdoor Turfgrass Field Day) - that inspires me. A man's ability to take Mother Nature as it comes and without question - that inspires me. The complexities of thinking, planning and implementing the integrated management of turf, trees, shrubs and native areas - that inspires me. The callused hands of experience that have made sacrifices - that inspires me. The Plantsman who unquestioningly provides accurate doses of water by hand (day or night) - that inspires me. As we look back on September we realize this was, without a doubt, the best month of the 2010 season. It not only allowed superintendents and staff to get things done efficiently, it allowed optimal growing conditions for turf recovery. After a long, hot July-August period, September, 2010 inspired me. 

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