Drain installed at 8 tee

This week we worked at installing a drain near the back tee box on 8.  For a while now you may have noticed that water stands in this area and a spot just off of the cart path stays wet.  The problem at this spot arises from the way the cart path sits.  This area is the low spot in the cart path coming from 7 tee and a short stretch the other direction along 8 tee.  Water from the irrigation cycles would run down the cart path from both directions and collect in this area.  Also, there is a gravel blanket under the asphalt that moves water to the low area also.

The way to fix it is to install a drain at the edge of the cart path to collect the water.  A trench was dug to move the water to the catch basin to the left side of 7 green.  We hope this drain will also remove some excess water that collects in the low area to the left of 7 green.

 Rather that install a small drain at the edge, a large area was dug out to act as the drain.
The area was filled with drainage gravel and decorative stones were laid over the drain.
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