Another Aeration Update

The rain held off just long enough for us to complete the areas that we wanted to have done before the rain came.  The greens have been aerated, topdressed (will be topdressed again soon to completely fill the holes), and fertilized.  The tees have been aerated, verticut, topdressed and fertilized.  The approaches have been aerated, but we have not topdressed them yet.  That will likely be done next week.

We did not make any progress on the fairways yesterday.  The machine broke down, and will be a few days before the parts arrive to fix it.  However, we will be continuing the fairways with our other aerators today.  Our verticutter for the tees also broke down yesterday. (getting towed back to the shop on left)  Fortunately, only two sets of tees did not get done.  Fairways 11 and 14-18 have not been aerated yet.  We will be working on them this week, but won't complete them until early next week.

The rain that we received overnight did a good job of working in the sand on the greens.  It will take a few days of growth to get the sand worked in better and start the road back to smoother greens.  Until then (probably sometime next week), the greens will be slow and bumpy.
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