Continuing With Projects This Week

Our fall projects are underway this year.  The main concentration this year is a continuation of our drainage list, along with our soil cultivation and fertilizer applications.  The majority of our soil cultivation has been completed.  Greens, Tees, Approaches and Fairways have all been aerated and topdressed.  We are going back through our fairways with a verti-quake now.  This is the machine that slices the soil and leaves the lines.

Here we are adding small drain lines around the catch basins in 8 fairway.  The areas around the catch basins always stay wet after rains for obvious reasons.  These lines will help move more of the moisture off of the surface and into the drains after rain.  We plan to complete the basins in 8 fairway, 12 fairway and 5 fairway by the end of the season.

Yesterday we verticut and topdressed the approaches to finish the aeration process on them.

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