It's Time! Greens Open Friday!

Every year it’s the same – there is one day each Spring that tells golf course superintendents that it is time to start a new season.  For us the arrival of this day is as clear as the sound of an alarm clock going off.  There are any number of signs that tell us when the magical day has arrived; you drive your golf cart up to the clubhouse for coffee instead of your pickup truck, you don’t feel the need to close the overhead door as you leave the maintenance shop to head out onto the course, by 10 am you have to trade in your winter coat for something lighter, you notice the geese pairing up as they search out that prime nesting spot, one of your seasonal employees stops by the shop unexpectedly to ask about returning to work.  But perhaps the most tell tale sign is the feeling of the suns warmth on your face, and you just know that a new season is underway.

Preparations are underway for the 2012 golf season.  We plan to open the greens on Friday March 16th.  This is about 2 weeks earlier than normal, and will mark only the 3rd time in the last 25 years that the greens have opened prior to St Patrick’s Day.  In preparation we are blowing all the greens free of debri, rolling them to smooth out any imperfections caused by the winter freeze/thaw cycles and we are marking the edge of the putting surface in order to establish a uniform collar width.

The putting clock will open on Friday as well.  The short game area and driving range tee will remain closed for the time being.  The practice areas need to be actively growing so that they can recover from damage caused by ballmarks and divots.  Currently, soil temperatures are not high enough to support active turf growth.  The course restrooms are not open, so please plan accordingly.   We will open the course restrooms prior to the end of March.  This will be accomplished as our seasonal crew returns giving us the labor needed to clean the bathrooms and restore water service to the building.  Cart usage is still a few weeks away, again the turf must be actively growing in order to recover from the wear created by the carts.

As always, our plans are subject to change based on the weather.  Keep in touch with the pro shop or check back to the blog for current updates on course status.  The latest weather forecast calls for clear skies this weekend, take advantage of a rare opportunity to enjoy a round of golf at NCC on St. Patrick’s Day, and then stick around for corn beef and cabbage at the clubhouse.
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