Thinking About Readying The Course

The current weather trend has us planning the tasks needed to open the course earlier that usual.  We are noticing the grass beginning to green and there is no frost in the ground.  There has not been a solid frost in the ground for the past few weeks.  This time last year we still had a few patches of snow on the ground, and were waiting out regular night time temperatures in the low 20s.

As you can see in the 10 day forecast, temperatures will be around 40 at night, with sun and 50s during the day.  We feel like this will lead to an early spring.  We plan to get out on the course this week to begin the clean up from winter, which will be minimal.  Only some branches and sticks, then clean the greens, tees, fairways and bunkers of debris.

We do not have a date set for opening the greens, and do not plan to set one at this time.  We will be sure to let you know when we have that date set.  Until then, the course is open for play to the temporary cups.
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