Practice Tee and Chipping Green Schedule

The practice areas have not been open yet and will stay closed for a while longer.  At the green committee meeting Monday night, the decision was made to open them on April 12th.  We are planning to take advantage of this warm weather and allow the tee to heal further from last years use.  This picture, taken this morning, shows that the seed in the divots has germinated, but has not fully grown-in yet.

The practice tee receives a significant amount of use through the season.  That significant use, combined with random divot patterns, results in a large amount of disturbed area.  A simple change, such as how divot patterns are made, can help concentrate disturbed turf to the smallest area possible.  This will result in less wear on the tee, which can lead to the tee staying open longer in the fall and opening earlier in the spring.  The scattered divot pattern like you see in these pictures is bad.  The post tomorrow will begin to discuss creating a divot pattern in a line rather than scattered.  Flyers have been made for the clubhouse and we will be making regular post on the blog this year to remind everyone how we would like divots to be taken.  This will be another easy way for golfers to help us keep the course looking great for the other members and their guests.
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