A Little Earth Moving

Torres spent this past week moving around the soil that was dredged from the pond on 11 and removed from 11 fairway during the drainage project last fall.  The pile was pushed into the side of the existing berm near the maintenance facility.  We will work the pile a few more times this spring, then seed it with and oats and annual ryegrass mixture this season for a quick cover.  This area will eventually be seeded with the same mixture as our ESAs.

The pond on 11 was dredged by using a pump to move the soil from the pond to this bag.  The soil was left to dry over the winter and this spring.  This picture is from last fall.  The soil removed from 11 fairway was "sorted" as it was removed.  The good soil was piled in a bin at the shop to be reused later.  The bad soil, which was a heavy clay or very rocky, was piled next to the bag.

Here Torres is beginning to move the dredged soil into a pile so the bag could be removed.  The soil from 11 fairway was pushed into the pile first, then the dredged soil was piled on top.

All of the soil has been pushed into the pile.  It will sit for a few weeks to allow the soil to dry further before we put a finish grade on.  We will then seed it for the season.
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