Say Good-Bye To The Tall Grass On 18

The fescue area on the right side of 18 fairway has been the subject of much discussion over the previous two seasons.  At the end of last year, the green committee, with input from the rest of the membership, voted to change this area to bluegrass mowed at rough height.  We started renovating this area yesterday, and plan to sod by the end of the week.

The start of the renovation process was about 10 days ago when we began by spraying this area with a herbicide to kill all the vegetation.  Though we knew we were going to strip the area, we wanted to be sure all unwanted plants were killed before placing sod.  If you noticed a blue color in this spot, the color is a blue dye we put in with the herbicide to see what had been sprayed.

We started yesterday by cutting the area with the sod cutter.  Once the area had been cut, the stripped sod was piled and removed.

The area is stripped but has a small amount of prep work is left before we start sodding.  We are planning to aerate this area with solid tines to provide small holes for the roots to move into once the sod has been laid.  We are scheduling sod for the end of the week and hope to have it down before the next forecasted rain.
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