Drainage Project Updates

After the 1.3 inches of rain we received last night, we have an opportunity to assess the results of the drainage projects the were completed on 11 fairway and 14 approach.  This 1.3 inches is the largest rain we have had since these projects were completed.  There is a small amount of surface water here on 14 approach, but it will drain in a few hours.  A rain like this last year would have left standing water in the approach, and a very wet and unstable hill for traffic.  That is not the case this morning.

A path of water would likely be in the 11th fairway if the drainage had not been in place.  Getting that water off of the surface and underground is the most beneficial part of this project.

Here is one of the drainage basins in the 11th fairway.  The amount of water running through the pipes can clearly be seen.

By this afternoon, these areas, though soft, will be very playable. And the removal of the standing water will be noticeable if the temperatures do reach 90 degrees.  The entire course will be a little soft through the day today, but I do not anticipate those conditions to last more than a day.
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