Slower Greens This Week

While you are playing this week you will notice the greens will be slower than earlier in the year. We have raised the height of cut to give the grass a better opportunity to with-stand the hot temperatures we are having.  The grass has done very well with this weather up to this point, and is still very healthy. We have made it through several key events and are now in a time of year when play is historically slow for the club (it's family vacation time).

The weather report this week had 100 degrees for Monday, and 90s the rest of the week with a heat index nearing 110 today.  The grass may not show a difference from one day to the next, but as these hot days are piling on one after the other, the cumulative effect over time will take its toll.

We are also skipping the "clean-up" pass on the edge of the greens at a more frequent interval through this heat as well.

These efforts to help the plant through the heat will continue until the temperatures begin to recede.  We have enjoyed healthy greens to this point of the year-of which could become the hottest year on record.  We are doing what we can to ensure healthy greens the rest of the year as well.
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