The Weather Is The Story

I won't go into any great detail about this years weather patterns that continue to persist.  The record number of hot days continue to pile on, along with a continued dry spell.  Last year we had nine 90 degree days, this year we have had over 30, and five of those have been 100 degree days.  The ten-day forecast shows 8 more may be added to that total.  Overall the course is holding up well.  The lack of rain is helpful when temperatures are this high.

We have been doing a few extra maintenance practices to help the turf through these temperatures.  We are aerating areas with a solid tine to ensure that water and air are moving through the soil easily.  This is being done in areas that receive concentrated traffic from the carts (around bunkers).

The annual bluegrass is the fairways is certainly showing the stress of the high temperatures.  This is a welcomed site to see.  We are continually trying to decrease the amount of annual bluegrass that is in the fairways.  These areas will be overseeded with bentgrass in a few weeks in hopes to get a desirable grass established in place of the annual bluegrass.

Until we get some break on the hot weather, please mind the ropes that are guiding traffic on the course.  We are doing what we can the keep the grass in the best shape possible.
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