Update On 11 Fairway Drainage Project

11 fairway is slowing beginning to look like it did before we began throwing soil with the trencher 4 weeks ago.  3 days of rain delayed work the second week into the project, and rain with Thanksgiving last week delayed more progress.  Our original projection of 2 weeks turned into 4 weeks.

Other than the weather delays, the project did go as planned.  We did add 2 more drainage basins to the originally planned 2 for a total of 4 basins on the main line of the drain pipe.  All laterals went in as planned.  One irrigation line was broken during the work, and that occurred while trying to dig around the pipe by hand - a notable accomplishment considering irrigation lines were crossed more that 30 times!

We are currently finishing up sodding the laterals, and anticipate having this project completed and ready for winter by the end of the week.  We are already beginning to see the benefits of the drainage tile.  This fairway was showing none of the usual signs of receiving 1.25" of rain this past weekend.
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