Still Waiting On Warmer Weather

It has been a long time coming, but the course is showing signs of waking from its winter slumber.  It has been a slow start and the forecast is not showing signs of breaking that pattern yet.  Temperatures in the 50s will be hard to come by over the next couple of weeks.  Conditions have only allowed for a short period of time on the golf course to begin cleanup of leaves and branches.  We have not set a date for opening the greens yet.  We will need a few days of good weather to get on the greens before we can open them.  Check back for updates.

Overall, the course has come through the winter well.  However, we have been left with evidence of the severity of the weather patterns of the past few months.  While the greens and tees are fine, there are some areas in the fairways that look very weathered.  These are areas in the shade where snow sat for extended periods, or drainage patterns where ice formed.  The recovery of these areas will depend on when warmer temperatures begin to stick around.  Here are some photos of the worst areas around the course.  Again, they look bad now, but will heal as weather permits.

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