Greens Back in Play on Saturday, April 5th

The primary playing surfaces have been cleaned, bunkers raked, and holes cut.  The greens are back in play on Saturday for the 2014 season.  Though the calendar says April 5th, the weather has not acquiesced.  Early spring conditions prevail on the course.  We have also completed our spring aeration, so greens will be sandy, bumpy and slow for the weekend.  The key phrase is "in play", not necessarily "in shape" yet.  The soil has thawed, the grass has greened and they will safely accept traffic, so get out and satisfy your golf cravings in some sunny weather.

Our greens aeration was originally scheduled for April 7th.  However, with the great weather on Monday and Tuesday this week we moved up the aeration to take advantage of the great weather.  As usual, growing conditions will dictate how rapidly the holes will heal.  With some sun, and warmer soil temperatures, it will not take long.

April 2, 2014

March 27, 2012

It is funny to look at the two weather extremes side-by-side.  2012 was a very mild winter with a very early spring.  2014 is the exact opposite.  Warm weather and time will get us to this point.  Unfortunately, we can't control either one.
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