Cart Path Project Progressing

The major capital project of the off season has been the addition of the cart path on hole 9.  The gravel base has been in and we have been waiting on the availability of asphalt to take the next step.  Well this week may be it.  The contractor will be out tomorrow to do a finish grade and rolling to prep the surface for asphalt.  Our hope is that asphalt will follow on Thursday.

This corner of cart path on hole 13 will be receiving a touch up with the installation of asphalt at the same time.  This area of red gravel is prone to washouts during heavy rains.  Capping this short area, up to the front tee on 13, will make it easier to manage.  A curb is planned for this area as well to manage traffic onto the fairway.  Naturally, new sod will be installed to make a fresh edge.
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