More Arborvitaes Near 1 Green

Last week the crew began adding to the line of arborvitaes that were planted last fall.  This was an unplanned project for this year, but after the city made repairs to a sewer line near Chicago Ave. (Work On Cart Path Near 1 Green), the club had the opportunity to work with the city to repair this area.

One arborvitae will go to replace one that was broken during the winter months, after being the victim of a car sliding off the road and through the fence.  The rest will continue the line along the fence towards 2 tee.

This will be a time consuming process to plant these.  The confines of the location prevent the use of bigger equipment, so hand digging is the only method available.  We hope to have this work done by the end of this week.  While this is being done, the cart path to 2 tee is closed to allow room for the crew to work.  Carts can drive along the path in the rough to get to 2 tee.
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