Progress on 1 Tee Project

Changes around 1 tee have been underway since last fall.  Several projects have been done to provide a fresh look to this area.  We are nearing the finishing stages and hope to have it wrapped up before the Fireworks Extravaganza on June 29th.

The project began last fall when 3 spruce trees were removed to highlight a maturing Bur Oak.  Clearing of the overgrown shrubs behind the tee continued last week.  The remaining shrubs that still stand behind the tee will be replaced with this project.  We have a few steps to complete before we can remove those plantings and introduce new.

The curb was cut today to accommodate the new routing of the path, which will be out of the circle drive rather than around the back of the tee.  The former cart path behind the tee will be cut narrower and used as a walking path.  The additional area from narrowing the path will be used for the new plantings.

Work is also being done today to trim up the pines left of 1 tee.  This work also involves defining grassing lines and spreading fresh pine needles under the trees.
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